Who We Are

Virtual Interconnect is a technology services company in Grand Rapids, MI.  We provide support, hosting, and general networking services to companies from Hawaii to Maine.


Hosted Services

Whether you need e-mail, websites, or just a very robust place to host your servers, our hosted services provide especially bulletproof infrastructure to build your business on.  We've been doing web and e-mail hosting since 2004, and our hosting infrastructure is modular enough for our customers to be able to hook into our high-availability setup to allow for a similar degree of consistent uptime.


Cloud Software Solutions

We've partnered with numerous cloud software companies to provide their software to our customers.  Much of the software we offer is designed with particular industries in mind, such as construction, pipeline, or hospice, but some of it is applicable to any business.  We know their software inside and out and can help set up your business with a cloud provider that's right for you.


Linux Consulting

Need help with Linux?  Internally, it's our main operating system for both our servers and workstations.  Externally, we help businesses install, operate, and maintain their Linux installations.  We are familiar with CentOS/RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Gentoo for both office and server use.  We can help you set up office filesharing, print servers, e-mail services, centralized authentication, or even just help you secure an existing Linux installation against hacking.


Enterprise Windows

We build and maintain large networks of Windows systems and help manage their security, updates, and general operations.  We can help with hardware procurement and setting up fleets of identical easily-replaceable laptops, we can set up servers for file sharing, printer sharing, and other communications systems for within your office to help increase productivity.


Computer Networking

We focus on redundancy for downtime reduction, multiple layers of network segmentation and firewalling, and availability.  If you have somewhere you're having difficulties extending your corporate network, we can help.  We deal with servers, wireless point-to-point links, fiber optic connection procurement, network design and architecture, and can set up firewalls and routers to keep sections of your network separate for security purposes.


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